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Lead Generation Advertising


You are about to make the most cost effective advertising purchase you have ever made for your business.

SEO is difficult, AdWords is expensive and let’s not even begin to talk about some of those lead services out there!

We’ve made it cost effective and simple!

1. Go here: Illinois City Populations or Georgia City Populations and determine the population of the city, town or village for the lead generating page you wish to lease. NOTE: If your city town or village is not listed on the first page it has a population less than 10,000 so the lowest rate applies.

2. Next: Hit your browsers “back” arrow and Copy the URL of the Page you want to lease and paste it into the form below

3. Finally: Using the Population from Step 1, select the correct monthly lease fee in the order form below

Once your purchase has been approved you will be contacted at the email address you used to authorize your PayPal payment so that you can supply the following three pieces of information we will use to customize your page and create your lead generating page banner like the one below.

Place Your Order Here

URL of Page You Want to Lease


Sample Banner

Information you will send to us after you purchase:

1. Your company logo in .jpg or .png format

2. The phone number you wish to display

3. One image in .jpg or .png format  or the link to a YouTube video you would like us to add to your page.

That’s It!

Simple and highly effective lead generation for your business from the Grout Guys and Gals at MrTileandGroutCleaning