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Best Marble Bath Countertops Jeffersonville-GA-31044

Professional Marble Vanity Installation

Beautiful bathroom marble vanity countertops Jeffersonville-GA-31044So, you are prepared to do a little remodeling in your bathroom? Obviously, that means it is time to upgrade your gloomy, damaged vanity tops with something that looks fantastic and lasts a long time. Fortunately, you have come to the right marble company!

We are Marble Vanity Specialists in Jeffersonville-GA-31044

Selecting a marble counter top is an exhilirating endeavor. It can also be daunting. A lot of colors. Numerous choices. Many design considerations. One thing that we always aim for is to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase on Day One and in the months and years that follow!

Marble is not as  durable as other materials such as granite.  When marble is put into the hands of our master craftsmen and installers, however, nothing short of magical happens in your bathroom!

Below are some basic steps to assist you through the procedure of choosing, designing and installing the best marble countertops for your bathroom.

Measure: Use a piece of plain or graphing paper and a tape measure to sketch your bathroom design and get the dimensions of your countertops. If this is a brand new design, do your best to approximate the these initial measurements so that you can discuss your counter top choices with our design consultants. Not an artist or draftsman? That’s OK! All we require is an approximation of what you are dreaming about.

Choose Your Marble: When you begin to look at all the various marble countertop colors readily available you may see that there are a lot more choices out there than what you ever thought! At first this can be intimidating! Don’t stress though, our design and installation team are more than just marble professionals. They are passionate designers with a keen eye for appeal and functionality.

Choose Your Edges: Once you have chosen your marble countertop color picking your edge design is the last step to creating a bathroom that is uniquely yours. Edges let you add style and personality and truly make your bathroom design your own.

Marble edge alternatives consist of:
* Ogee
* Half Bullnose
* Double Radius
* Bevel
* Bullnose
* Triple Pencil

Validate Measurements: Once we have a rough quote and an order is completed it is time for one of our top-notch install team members to see your house and get the exact measurements our craftsmen will need to build your vanity tops. This process-step is necessary to getting the specific installation you desire at the lowest possible cost.

Setup: Here is where your job truly comes to life and your dreams become real! Our incredibly comprehensive craftsmen have actually been hard at work developing your countertops. Now the finest marble installers in Jeffersonville-GA-31044 will carefully be transporting and installing your stunning new countertops in your home. Pieces will be set up, seams professionally filled, backsplashes installed and sinks mounted. Of course, any specialized products you may have had us custom construct for you such as marble tables, desks, islands or bars will also be carefully set-up.

Care and Maintenance: Marble is a softer and less chemically resistant stone than quartz or granite. It can withstand the heat from a hot curling iron without a protective shield  for short periods of time though it never hurts to be cautious and utilize trivets and hot pads whenever practical.

While long lasting and relatively low maintenance,  marble countertops are not impervious to damage and can be stained and scratched. We recommend that you seal your countertops to preserve them and keep their charm. To clean your countertop without leaving streaks, use just a tiny amount of pH balanced dishwashing liquid in warm water.


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